M. Sc. Hendrikje Raben



University of Rostock

Faculty of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering

Institute of General Electrical Engineering

Phone: +49-381-498-89 84

Email: hendrikje.raben(at)uni-rostock.de 

T O P I C   

Modelling and simulation of the electric field distribution of electrostimulative implants for

regeneration of facial bone defects

D E S C R I P T I O N   


At present, there are various electrostimulative applications that aim for enhanced bone regeneration in the case of fractures or other bone defects. The goal of this project is to develop innovative electrostimulative endoprotheses for the lower jaw (mandible) in the case of major defects e.g. due to tumour resection. The problem will be modelled applying a finite element approach to solve for the electric potential distribution of various possible electrode designs and locations. In extensive numerical studies, the optimal electrode configuration in terms of number, layout and arrangement of the stimulation electrodes shall be carried out, aiming at most advantageous stimulation of the defective bone.