Dr.-Ing. Revathi Appali

Raum Ex 135

Tel.: +49 (0) 381 498-7071 
Fax: +49 (0) 381 498-7081

E-Mail: revathi.appali(at)uni-rostock.de
Homepage: http://www.revathiappali.sitew.de

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Research Interest
  • Numerical simulation of electromagnetic phenomena
  • Modeling and simulation of biological systems for implant studies and their interactions
  • Computational Neuroscience
  • Membrane electrostatics
  • Neurons on Multi Electrode Arrays-Neurochip
Research Projects


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• Tavangarian, D. et al., 2014. Communication Systems in Aircraft with IEEE 802.11ac EMF Effects of IEEE 802.11ac for In-Flight Communication Systems D. Tavangarian, ed., University of Rostock.


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