Dr. Yogesh Deepak Bansod

Raum LLM 216

Tel.: +49 (0) 381 498-7039 
Fax: +49 (0) 381 498-7081

E-Mail: yogesh.bansod(at)uni-rostock.de

Research Interests
  • Numerical analysis of multi-scale problems using an open-source software framework
  • Building Scale Separation Maps (SSM) for different multi-scale problems
  • Scale bridging techniques
  • Execution pipelines for multi-scale problems
Research Projects Description

CRC 1270 ELAINE - Electrically Active Implants

Project A02: Multi-scale models for studies on electrically active implants in due consideration of uncertainties in the input data

Most of the biological processes are hierarchical in nature and it is thus not advisable to represent them on a single-scale. Bone remodelling, cartilage regeneration, and deep brain stimulation are some of the examples of such phenomenon. This type of multi-scale problems requires an interweaving of models for macroscopic as well as microscopic processes. Furthermore, these are multiphysical processes in which electrical, chemical, thermodynamical, and often mechanical effects interact with each other. This project examines micro-and macroscopic simulations in continuous media. In order to determine the desired parameters for the electrically active implants, in particular the electric field distribution, this project focuses to a great extent on the numerical solution of relevant partial differential equations with the help of finite element method.

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. habil. Ursula van Rienen