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Expanding the bi-phasic models for cartilage mechanics by electrical stimulation


Articular cartilage is found at opposing bone surfaces and its damage can result in pain and loss of mobility for many patients. The treatment of cartilage defects poses a clinical challenge owing to the lack of intrinsic regenerative capacity of cartilage. Current therapies, including medication, analgesics, regenerative approaches, stimulation protocols and total joint replacement, provide only palliative treatment. The mechanical deformation that occurs in cartilage during weight bearing produces internal electrical signals through streaming potentials. Therefore, externally applied electrical signals that resemble the endogenous electrical fields has the promising potential to treat osteoarthritic patients in a noninvasive manner. This project will focus on computational models to study the behavior of cartilage under Electrical Stimulation (ES) and Mechano-ES and resulting effects on the cell proliferation and differentiation on the micro scale.

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. rer. nat. habil. Ursula van Rienen