Advanced Electromagnetic Simulation and Multiphysics



Scope (lecture/exercise/lab)

  • lecture: 2 SWS
  • excercise: 1 SWS
  • lab: 2 SWS

Module description:

module description: link to examination portal with module description


  • deepening knowledge for science and industrial design
  • competence to analyze and to solve complex problems in science and engineering


  • mathematical methods, numerical methods and computational techniques for solving problems of multidisciplinary character in science and engineering
  • deeper insight in numerical methods like Finite Elements, Boundary Elements and Finite Integration Technique
  • touching important aspects of multiscale problems
  • solving practical multidisciplinary problems of industrial and scientific interest

Pre-requisites for exams



  1. Written exam (60 minutes), this examination makes up 50% of the module grade.
  2. Practical exam - a computer experiment, this examination performance accounts for 50% of the module grade.