Research at the Institute of General Electrical Engineering

Theoretical Electrical Engineering

Numerical simulation of electromagnetic fields

Research group of Prof. van Rienen

The design of electro-technical components has reached its limits, which on the one hand, due to the complexity of the tasks involved, require us to go beyond rules of thumb and experience, and on the other hand, for reasons of cost, allow metrological investigations only in the advanced design phase, and often even for reasons of rapid competition, prototypes are dispensed with altogether. Since analytical methods would usually only be applicable to concrete applications under impermissible simplifications, numerical methods for the simulation of electromagnetic fields have become of central importance in electrical engineering. With numerical simulation, even complicated application problems with many details can be handled very well, so that computer-aided simulation has become an indispensable tool in the design of electromagnetic components.

The focus of our research group is on the development and investigation of new algorithms and numerical solution methods, the parallelization of algorithms and last but not least the application of simulation methods to concrete application problems, especially in the physics of particle accelerators and biomedical technology.

Simple demonstration examples for field simulation