General remarks

Are you interested in one of the modules but cannot find it in your study regulations? In principle, it is still possible to include such a module by submitting a separate application to the relevant examination board. I would be happy to help you with this, but please contact me beforehand.

Modul-Übersicht / Module Overview (Prof. Adrian)

Semester Modul Studiengänge V Ü L ECTS
WS Theoretische Elektrotechnik 1 B-ET (P), M-ET, B-ITTI, M-ITTI, B-MAT, B-MIT 2 2 1 6
WS Computational Electromagnetics M-CSE (P) 4 0 2 9
WS Numerical Simulation of Electromagnetic Fields B-ET, M-ET, M-EE, M-MAT 4 0 0 6
SS Theoretische Elektrotechnik 2 B-ET, B-ITTI, B-MIT, M-ET (P), M-MAT, M-ITTI, M-MIT 2 2 1 6
SS Theorie und Anwendung schneller Algorithmen
zur Lösung von akustischen und elektromagnetischen Problemen
M-ET, M-CSE, M-EE, M-ITTI, M-MIT 4 0 0 6

Legende / Legend

  • B: Bachelor, M: Master
  • (P): Pflichtmodul (compulsory course)
  • ET: Elektrotechnik, EE: Electrical Engineering, ITTI: Informationstechnik / Technische Informatik, MAT: Mathematik, MIT: Medizinische Informationstechnik, CSE: Computational Science and Engineering, MCH: Mechatronik, WING: Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen