M.Sc. Marvin Janitschke

External Doctoral Researcher at CERN

E-Mail: marvin.janitschke(at)cern.ch or marvin.janitschke(at)uni-rostock.de

Research Interests
  • Transient effects in superconducting accelerator magnets
  • Transfer function measurements and simulation of frequency behavior
  • Multi-physics and multi-scale modelling of accelerator magnet chains
  • Lumped-Element and network modelling
Research Projects Description

“Insulation failures in LHC superconducting magnet circuits” – in cooperation with CERN and the Wolfgang Gentner program

During the operation of superconducting accelerator magnets, their insulations are exposed to various degradation effects. These range from mechanical stresses, heat diffusion, electromagnetic forces to radiation and particle impacts from the accelerator beam. All these could lead to a degradation of the insulation materials and can cause the insulation to fail in spots, leading to short circuits between parts of the superconducting magnet circuits or to ground. This can cause immediate, serious damage to the magnets and their components.

Before the restart of an accelerator system, dedicated measurements are conducted to qualify the magnets for operation, but they do not provide direct information concerning potential precursors of advanced degradation or their potential risk of failure.

This project focuses on ways to analyze and investigate past data from LHC superconducting magnets and circuits to evaluate their failure risks. This mainly includes numerical and analytical electromagnetic and thermal modelling in the frequency and time domain to investigate seen outliers more closely. Finally, the goal will be to propose a test campaign highlighting and localizing insulation failures and their precursors in the superconducting magnets.  

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. habil. Ursula van Rienen