Dr.-Ing. Kiran Kumar Sriperumbudur

Raum Ex 109

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E-Mail: kiran.sriperumbudur(at)uni-rostock.de

Research Interests
  • Modeling nerve electrode interface focussing on deep brain stimulation and cochlear implants
  • Developing novel methods to model tissue heterogeneity and bone porosity in the region of interest
  • Developing physiologically explainable uncertainty quantification of model parameters to optimize the functionality of biologically active implants systems
  • Formulating a simple equation system to describe the nerve pulse propagation in myelinated axons
Research Projects Description

CRC 1270 ELAINE - Electrically Active Implants

1. CRC 1270 ELAINE, Project A02 (work package 3): Computational models to investigate the influence of uncertain patient-individual parameters for the application of osseoinduction and Deep Brain Stimulation for dystonia therapy

The work package is aimed to provide a full model of the uncertainty in patient-individual parameters, neuronal properties, electrode location and orientation; incorporation into the full simulation flow. Prospectively, a complete analysis of the sensitivity of the uncertain model parameters on the stimulation success for the application of dystonia therapy and osseoinduction and recommendations on crucial model parameters and their sensitivity for the modelling of the considered applications would be possible. Finally, strive to build simulation flows to determine stimulation parameters for the most advantageous and robust stimulation success during different therapy states with reduced side-effects.

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. habil. Ursula van Rienen, Dr.-Ing. Revathi Appali

2. Modeling the effects of morphological and physiological parameters on the electrical stimulation of the auditory nerve by cochlear implants