M.Sc. Henning Bathel

Raum Ex 138

Tel.: +49 (0) 381 498-7042 
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E-Mail: henning.bathel2(at)uni-rostock.de

Research Interests
  • Metrology and measuring principles
  • Instrumentation
  • Scientific documentation
Research Projects Description

CRC 1270 ELAINE: Electrically Active Implants
Project S01: Improving metrology and instrumentation of electrostimulation experiments
To date, electrical stimulation devices for in vitro and in vivo research purposes are often not standardised, with many research groups developing tailor-made devices based on their own experience. One consequence of this practice is a lack of reproducibility or even repeatability due to undocumented data (e.g. date of the experiment, instrumentation and software used, researcher who collected the data, exact experimental set-up) and an absence of some relevant information (e.g. voltage and current, direct current or alternating current with the appropriate definition of amplitude, temperature). This is particularly relevant for theoretical and numerical modelling approaches, as these rely heavily on experimental data, such as dielectric material and tissue parameters or validation measurements. The aim of this project is therefore to create easy-to-use and reusable technical solutions that allow experimental researchers to characterise their electrical stimulation devices more comprehensively. At the same time, researchers whose focus is on theoretical and numerical models will benefit from higher quality and more comprehensive experimental data, allowing them to calibrate and validate their models more reliably. This project is intended to support a more intensive exchange between theoreticians and experimental researchers, bridging the communication and technical gap that otherwise often exists in an interdisciplinary research environment.

Supervisor:  Prof. Dr. rer. nat. habil. Ursula van Rienen