Dr. Piotr Putek

Raum Ex 136

Tel.: +49 (0) 381 498-7076
Fax: +49 (0) 381 498-7081

E-Mail: piotr.putek(at)uni-rostock.de

Research Interests
  • Reliability analysis and robust approach for design assessment
  • Shape and topology optimization of electro-mechanical structures w.r.t. manufacturing tolerances & under probabilistic constraints
  • Uncertainty quantification algorithms for coupled field/circuit & MOR/circuit in co-simulation and monolithic frameworks
  • Robust inverse methodology for crack identification / calibration of semiconductor devices based on measurement data
  • Programming & algorithm development in Python/C/C++/ MATLAB/COMSOL /ANSYS Maxwell/MAGWEL
Research Projects Description

Current Projects

  1. SINCERE – Strahl-Impedanzberechnungen für das HiLumi-Upgrade des LHC-Injektores SPS und zukünftige CERN-Großgeräte und Entwurf eines Quadrupolresonators zur genauen Messung von HF-Eigenschaften metallischer Probe
  2. ECMI SIG on Modeling, Simulation and Optimization in Electrical Engineering (MSOEE)


Archived Projects

  1. NanoCOPS (FP7-ICT-2013-11) Nanoelectronic Coupled Problems Solutions: http://fp7-nanocops.eu/
  2. SIMUROM (BMBF 05M2013) : Simulation und robuste Optimierung von elektromechanischen Energiewandlern unter Berücksichtigung von Unsicherheiten  http://www.simurom.de/.
  3. IAP (P6/21) VI (2007-2011) “Inverse problems and optimization in low frequency optimization”
  4. Use of hybrid excited synchronous machines in construction of highly efficient car drives, 2015/17/B/ST8/03251, N510 508040
  5. Sensitivity analysis for defect’ reconstruction in frequency domain ( no of awarded grant 3 T10A 045 28)